Can Makeup Cause Acne?

This is definitely not an anti-makeup campaign. Makeup and wearing makeup even several times a day is just fine. That is of course if you are religious enough to rid your skin of any remnants of it before you go to bed. Find the best acne treatment products today.

It’s weird that women rely on makeup to cover up their facial imperfections when it could actually be makeup itself worsening their breakouts. There are a number of tips you could use to ensure your makeup is not causing more of your blemishes.

Choose non comedogenic makeup. This means that this kind of makeup do not have ingredients in them that clog the pores. Comedogenic can make your acne worse and at the same time encourage future outbreaks. It is important that you check the labels of your makeup products before putting them on.

Brushes and other types of applicators should be cleaned always or disposed and replaced after some time. This is for the bacteria not to build up in the brushes and transfer to your skin. It is important to change sponges and brushes regularly.

Do not sleep with makeup on. Use a safe and gentle makeup remover and gently remove makeup. Use a gentle liquid cleanser and water to wash face again to completely remove any trace of makeup. Sticky dirt and sweat accumulated.

Do not wear makeup all the time. Be makeup less as much as possible with makeup, less is always better and none is best for your skin. If you can’t avoid make-up make sure to use it sparingly to prevent the worsening of your acne condition.

If you have a sensitive skin, even noncomedogenic makeup may worsen acne. If your acne worsens, try other products, always choose those products labeled “mild”. You really need to be careful when you have sensitive skin. A lot of makeup products can cause skin irritations. On top of that, makeup on sensitive skin can make your acne worse. You should also important to shield your face from direct sunlight. Aside from the fact that your makeup will melt easily, direct sunlight can also aggravate your blemishes. If you wear makeup, look for products that have SPF. SPF 15 is often enough to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Again, putting on makeup is not a bad thing. It only, basically, has to not stay on your face the whole time. Just remember the tips above. Who knows? You might not want to use that concealer for a long time.